Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chastity - Denise Riffle - ECW and WCW

Chastity - Denise Riffle - ECW and WCW
Denise Riffle was born June 18, 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an American former professional wrestling valet, better known as Chastity.

After training under Raven and Corporal Punishment, Denise Riffle became a wrestling valet in 1996, and worked on the independent circuit as Brittany Bottoms.

She joined ECW in 1997 and changed her name to Chastity. She was the valet for the bWo before joining Raven's Nest. She gained a reputation during this time for spraying her enemies with a fire extinguisher. When Raven left ECW to join WCW in late-1997, Riffle became the valet for Justin Credible. She had several catfights with Beulah McGillicutty, and received numerous piledrivers from McGillicutty's ally Tommy Dreamer. She left ECW shortly after being "fired" by Credible, who repeatedly struck her with his Singapore cane.

Riffle joined WCW in late 1998 and was reunited with Raven when she was featured in several vignettes as his wealthy sister. She began accompanying Raven to the ring, only to turn on him and join forces with Hardcore Hak. She interfered in most of Hak's hardcore matches until she was released in 1999, after WCW discovered that she had once been featured in an adult film titled "Live Bait".

Riffle re-emerged in Xtreme Pro Wrestling as the valet of Lizzy Borden. She helped Borden in her feud with Kristi Myst and was valet of Johnny Webb.

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