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Nitro Girl Spice

Nitro Girl Spice

Melissa Anne Bellin was born on May 29, 1973, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
She worked for the WCW as a dancer, valet and wrestler, and you may remember her better under her ring name, Nitro Girl Spice.
Before joining WCW, she was a Chiropractic student, waitress, bartender, model, aerobics instructor and personal trainer.
She started with the WCW Nitro Girls as Spice in 1997.
When Kimberly Page left the group in 1999, Spice started a feud with Nitro Girl A.C. Jazz over control of the group.
Jazz left the WCW and she was replaced with Nitro Girl Tygress.
They actually wrestled on the November 22, 1999 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, but it went to a no contest.
Spice later started a feud with Madusa after Madusa caught Spice flirting with Evan Karagias.
This lead to a match that ended with Spice pinning Madusa!
Spice then became Evan's manager, but she turned on him, cost him his WCW Cruiserweight Championship in a match with Madusa, and wound up managing her.

After Spice left WCW, she went on to join the group Diversity 5 with other ex-Nitro Girls Teri Byrne (Fyre), Sharmell Sullivan (Storm), Chae An (Chae) and Vanessa Sanchez (Tygress) and Chiquita Anderson (Chiquita).

Besides dancing, she choreographed for groups like the WCW Nitro Girls, D.C. Dancers, Reebok (she also danced for them) and the Miss Fitness USA competitors.

Michelle has gone back to her first love, and is now a chiropractor.

Spice also made an appearance in the 2000 movie, "Ready to Rumble".

In doing research for this, I ran across a website that has a ton of pictures of Spice on it......
Sugar & Spice: A Tribute to Nitro Girl Spice

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