Friday, August 29, 2008

Nitro Girl Chiquita

Chiquita Anderson was born November 22, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois. She is an American dancer, model and former member of WCW's Nitro Girls as Nitro Girl Chiquita.

Anderson is a graduate of Philadelphia University of the Arts with an associate's degree in Dance.

In 2000, Chiquita was a member of WCW's dance team The Nitro Girls. Chiquita replaced Sharmell Sullivan when Sharmell left for the WWF. She danced alongside the other members of the group for several months before they disbanded. After the Nitro Girls were disbanded, Anderson then became part of the pop music group Diversity 5 with other former Nitro Girls when Sharmell Sullivan left the group.

She was part of the short-lived Xtreme Wrestling Federation's X-Girls in 2001 with Stephanie Bellars and Kristina Laum. They were dance troup similar to WCW's Nitro Girls.

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