Thursday, May 24, 2007

WCW: Lance Storm

Lance Timothy Evers (born April 3, 1969), known professionally by his ring name Lance Storm, is a semi-retired Canadian professional wrestler. He is best known in the western world for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and World Championship Wrestling. He runs a pro wrestling school Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, and occasionally works in the independent circuit.

Lance Storm was trained for professional wrestling by Stu Hart in Calgary, Alberta and debuted in 1990. He mainly wrestled in Calgary, but also spent time in Japan for Genichiro Tenryu's Wrestling Association "R" (WAR) promotion. He also wrestled in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee then moving on to a Winnipeg-based WFWA, forming a tag team with Chris Jericho called The Thrill Seekers.

In 1996, Storm joined Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). He made a name for himself by becoming a heel and first teaming with Chris Candido, then being placed with valet Dawn Marie and teaming with Justin Credible as the Impact Players, racking up two tag team title reigns along the way. During this time Storm also gained a position as a booker in ECW and had a hand in much of the product content on TV and Pay-Per-View. He also took part in a memorable match vs Rob Van Dam in ECW's 1st PPV Barely Legal 1997, though at the end of the match he was booed by the crowd for two visibly "weak" chairshots to Van Dam.

Storm left ECW in 2000 to join WCW, where he became a singles wrestler. He quickly became one of WCW's most important on-screen characters, winning the United States Heavyweight Title, World Cruiserweight Title, and Hardcore Championship in rapid succession. He renamed the titles to the Canadian Heavyweight Championship, 100 kg and Under Championship, and Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title, respectively-- complete with large stickers that covered the belts' faceplates. Storm was the first triple-champion in WCW history, and tried to win the WCW Championship as well, but his efforts were defeated by champion Booker T. Storm eventually gave up the Cruiserweight/100 kg title, presented it to Elix Skipper, as well as the Hardcore/S.H.I title, passing it on to Carl Ouellet (who lost in his first defense of said title).

Storm's stable, Team Canada, feuded with General Rection's stable, the Misfits in Action, for several months. In particular, Storm and Rection feuded with each other over Storm's "Canadian" Heavyweight Title, which Rection finally won from him and promptly renamed back to the U.S. Heavyweight Title.

Storm's three-belt championship reign is more incredible considering that WCW apparently had a rule in place that a wrestler could not hold more than one singles belt at the same time (even though Storm eventually did give up two of the belts after winning them).

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