Thursday, May 10, 2007

WCW: "Davey" Boy Smith

David "Davey" Boy Smith (November 27, 1962 – May 18, 2002) was a British professional wrestler. Born in Golborne, Warrington (now in the Borough of Wigan), Smith is best known for his appearances in the United States of America with the World Wrestling Federation under his own name and under the ring name The British Bulldog.

Smith's middle name really was "Boy". When he was born, one of his parents mistook the "middle name" field for the "gender" field on his birth certificate, and wrote "Boy".

Smith was trained by Ted Betley in Winwick, England before relocating to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to further his training under Stu Hart. While training with Hart, Smith met Stu and Helen Hart's youngest daughter Diana, whom he later married in 1984. They had two children, Harry (born in 1985) and Georgia (born in 1987). He and Diana were divorced in 2000.

Smith had an eventful run in WCW in 1993, engaging in feuds with Sid Vicious and Big Van Vader, who he challenged for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Slamboree 1993, and formed a mildly successful alliance with Sting. He was known simply as Davey Boy Smith, as the WWF had trademarked the "British Bulldog" moniker. In 1993, he was reportedly involved in an altercation with a man at a bar who was making advances towards his wife. As a result of the altercation (and the ensuing legal issues that followed), WCW released him from his contract. According to his son he had merchandising issues which led to his departure. He worked for some independents in Great Britain before returning to the WWF.
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