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WCW - Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

James Henry "Jim" Neidhart (born August 2, 1956), is a professional wrestler, best known for his appearances in the 1980s and 1990s in the World Wrestling Federation as Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States.

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A former National Football League player who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders, Neidhart travelled to Calgary to train with Stu Hart after being released by the Cowboys. A talented shot putter, he earned his nickname - "The Anvil" - from his skill in the sport of anvil tossing. He worked for Stampede Wrestling, Hart's Calgary based promotion, for several years, during which time he married Ellie Hart, one of Stu's daughters. He thus became the brother-in-law of fellow wrestlers Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Ross Hart, Keith Hart and Davey Boy Smith, and the uncle of wrestlers Teddy Hart and Harry Smith.

Neidhart eventually joined the World Wrestling Federation, and formed a highly successful tag-team, "The Hart Foundation", with Bret. They were managed by "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, who led them to their first Tag Team Championship. Hart was also instrumental in ending the team's second championship reign at WrestleMania VII when he led the Nasty Boys to the titles against his former team. After Bret split off into singles competition, Neidhart teamed with Owen as "The New Foundation".

He later reunited with Bret as part of his stable of Canadian sympathizers. After Bret left the company on bad terms in 1997, Neidhart followed him to World Championship Wrestling where he formed a tag team with Davey Boy Smith, who also followed Bret there. Although this was his first true big-money deal, they were rarely utilized by WCW head Eric Bischoff. They achieved little in-ring success, and he was eventually released and returned to the independent circuit.

In early 2005, Neidhart and his wife Ellie were accused in a lawsuit of stealing almost $10,000 in valuables from businessman John McCann. McCann claimed the items, mainly jewelry, disappeared after the couple visited his Calgary home and that he later bought them back from the pawn shop where they turned up. The Neidharts denied any knowledge of the incident. The suit was later dropped and no charges were filed.

Neidhart continues to wrestle on the Canadian independent circuit, and is pursuing a career in real estate. His daughter, Nattie Neidhart, is also a wrestler.

Neidhart and Ellie have three children - Jennifer, Kristen ("Muffy") and Natalie - and are now divorced. He is a fan of the Calgary Flames, and owns several jerseys, including one signed by Theo Fleury. Neidhart, an avid fisherman, can often be found fly-casting in the lakes and streams of Alberta.

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