Thursday, August 6, 2009

WCW - Sting

WCW - Sting

Even though Sting (Steve Borden) is in TNA now, we all remember him from his WCW days.
To cover this man's career would take an entire blog by itself I think.
But here are just the highlights of his career....
NWA World Heavyweight Champion
NWA World Television Champion
WCW International World Heavyweight Champion (twice)
WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (twice)
WCW World Heavyweight Champion (six times)
WCW World Tag Team Champion (3 times with Lex Luger, The Giant and Kevin Nash)

And also the thing I am proudest of....
He NEVER signed with the WWE!
You can respect the wrestler and respect the man.

Did you know that besides wrestling, Sting appeared in "The Nightmare Room", "Walker, Texas Ranger" and "Shutterspeed"?

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