Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glenn Gilberti / Disco Inferno

Glenn Gilberti has has a long and colorful career.
He was a wrestler for the WCW as Disco Inferno, he was a wrestler and road agent for TNA Wrestling and a writer for WrestleZone.
Glenn's pro wrestling debut was on November 20, 1991 on the Georgia independent circuit.
During his wrestling career, he worked for Great Championship Wrestling, Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation, North Georgia Wrestling Association, Palmetto Pride Championship Wrestling, Swiss Wrestling Federation and WCW among others.
In several of those promotions he held the Heavyweight Wrestling Championships.
He also faced many of the greats of wrestling in the ring like Eddie Guerrero, Kevin Sullivan, Dick Slater, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Booker T, La Parka, Konnan and Sting.

You can read more about Disco at the Unofficial Disco Inferno website

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