Monday, September 3, 2007

WWE to bring back Robert Gibson?????

WWE has actually been thinking about bringing back Robert Gibson, member of the legendary Rock 'N Roll Express. Gibson, who is currently an assistant trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling, would return as an active wrestler. He has been working in OVW since December of last year. If he is brought back in, he would be used how Dave Taylor is used, helping the younger stars get the basic wrestling moves down. Gibson who is 49 years old is said to be in good shape. Gibson was last seen in TNA in 2003 as a part of Vince Russo's stable.

Ruben Cain (born July 19, 1958) is a professional wrestler best known by his ring name of Robert Gibson. He is famous as half of the Rock 'N Roll Express with Ricky Morton.

Ruben Cain started wrestling as Robert Gibson in 1977. He was trained by his brother Ricky Gibson and teamed with Ricky in the southern independents when he started.

In 1983, he formed the Rock 'N Roll Express with Ricky Morton. They feuded with The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey in the Mid-South and the feud carried over into the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions in 1985. They won the NWA Tag Titles four times while there and feuded with the Four Horsemen, Ivan and Nikita Koloff and the team of Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez. Even though he and Morton were of similar build and wrestled a similar style, Gibson was always booked as the stronger and more powerful of the two. He was most often the recipient of the hot tag as Morton rallied the crowd by taking punishment as the Face in Peril.

Gibson was injured in 1991 and when he returned to WCW, Morton turned on him to join the "York Foundation". They feuded and Gibson teamed with Tom Zenk, but had no success and soon left WCW. He rejoined Morton in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and they feuded with the "Heavenly Bodies" led by Jim Cornette. Shortly before SMW's demise, Gibson turned heel and joined "Cornette's Army".

The team came back briefly to WCW in 1996. In 1998, they were part of the "NWA" angle in the WWF for a brief period. Their last run in a big federation was with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling when they were part of Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment Xtreme faction.

On September 15, 2006, his brother, Ricky Gibson, died.

In December 2006, Gibson became an assistant trainer for "Ohio Valley Wrestling".

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