Saturday, March 31, 2007

WCW: Ricky Santana

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235lbs
Birthday: 1961
Debut: 1982
Previous identities: Aldo Marino, Aldo Ortiz, Hood, Iceman, Ricky Barrio, Rocky Santana
Aldo Ortiz, better known as Ricky Santana (born 1960), is an Mexican professional wrestler who has worked for WCW, WWF and the NWA.
Santana was one half of Espelicitos (aka Barrio Brothers in WCW) with David Sierra.
Ricky Santana was a Road Agent for the WWF at one time. He is currently working for Carlos Colon's World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico again, as a road agent.

CWA Tag Team Champion (1x with Black Navy Seal)
EWLL Six Man Tag Team Champion (1x with El Signo & Negra Navarro)
IWA Heavyweight Champion
IWA Puerto Rico North American Champion
IWA Puerto Rico Tag Team Champion (1x with Steele)
PNW Heavyweight Champion
3-time PNW Tag Team Champion (1x with Al Madril, 1x with Brad Anderson, 1x with Curtis Thompson)
PNW Television Champion
UWA Six Man Tag Team Champion (1x with El Signo & Negra Navarro)
WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion (2x)
WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champion (1x with Rey Gonzales)
WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion(3x)
WWC Puerto Rican Champion (5x)
7-time WWC Tag Team Champion (3x with Ray Gonzalez, 1x with Brent Dail, 1x with Fidel Sierra, 1x with Glamour Boy Shane, 1x with Rico Suave)
WWC Television Champion

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