Tuesday, January 23, 2007

WCW: Maxx Muscle

Jeff Warner
Height: - 6 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 290 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1989
Managers: Jimmy Hart, The Grappler
Other Gimmicks: Big Juice, Maxx Muscle, J.W. Storm, Agent Storm, Maxx

Jeff Warner began wrestling in 1989 in the NWA's Pacific Northwest territory. He formed a tag team with Art Barr who was using a "Beetlejuice" gimmick called "The Juice Patrol". Warner became "Big Juice". They feuded with Ricky Santana and Curtis Thompson who formed the tag team of "U.S. Male".

Warner then appeared briefly in World Championship Wrestling in 1990 as one half of "Maximum Overdrive" with Tim Hunt but their stay was short-lived.

He wrestled in Pro Wrestling America in the early 1990's and won the tag team titles with Hunt and the television title while there.

In 1990, he arrived in WCW as J.W. Storm. His gimmick soon ended and he became Maxx Muscle, the bodyguard for Diamond Dallas Page. Page was feuding with Dave Sullivan who was chasing Page's valet, The Diamond Doll. Page was having several arm-wrestling contests for the Doll and Maxx usually helped him win by supporting his foot while the referee wasn't looking or even arm-wrestling for Page.

Maxx would always stand behind Page and flex during interviews and Page would end by saying "right Maxx?", to which Maxx would always reply, "absolutely".

In 1995, Maxx and Page split when Page blamed him for several losses and turned on Maxx. Maxx then joined Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom and was a minor player for the next couple of years.

In 1992, Storm also had tryout matches for the World Wrestling Federation against "The Model" Rick Martel and The Warlord.

He now wrestles in the California-based Pro Wrestling Iron. He now lives in Pine City MN.

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