Tuesday, February 20, 2007

WCW: Bruce Reed

Ring name(s) Bruce Reed,,"The Natural" Butch Reed,,"Hacksaw" Butch Reed,
Billed height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Billed weight 260 lb (118 kg)
Born July 11, 1954,Detroit, Michigan
Billed from Kansas City, Missouri
Wrestling Debut 1978

Butch Reed (born Bruce Reed on July 11, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan) was a professional wrestler best known for his stints in the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance.

Butch Reed started wrestling in 1978 in the Kansas City area after briefly playing professional football for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reed wrestled in the NWA in the early 1980's and made a name for himself in Florida Championship Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling from 1983 through early 1986 as "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. He won all of the titles there and feuded with Dick Slater, Magnum T.A., Junkyard Dog, and Dutch Mantel. Around this time, he also had a famous one-hour time-limit draw with NWA Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

He went back to Kansas City and obtained Slick as his manager in 1986. That summer, he lost a loser leaves town match to Bruiser Brody and left with Slick.

They went to the WWF where Reed dyed his hair blonde and became "The Natural" Butch Reed, an updated version of Sweet Daddy Siki. He feuded with Koko B. Ware and then with Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat but no-showed the match where he was going to win the title and ended up in the WWF's dog house (the Honky Tonk Man won instead). Consequently, Reed exited quickly in the first Survivor Series main event (though his team, captained by Andre the Giant, would win the match), and in the 1988 Wrestlemania IV Championship Tournament, losing to eventual tournament winner "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

He left the WWF shortly after Wrestlemania IV and went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions as "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. He resumed his Mid-South feud with Junkyard Dog and was briefly managed by James J. Dillon before his contract was "sold" to Hiro Matsuda's "Yamasaki Corporation". He also wrestled then-NWA TV Champion Sting for the TV title, but was unsuccessful at capturing the belt.

In 1989, he formed a team called Doom with Ron Simmons. They wore masks and were managed by Woman. She wanted them to beat Rick and Scott Steiner for the NWA World Tag Team Titles but they couldn't. Woman fired them and the Steiners took their masks in a match at the Clash of Champions.

Theodore Long became their manager and they won the Titles. They feuded with the Road Warriors and the team of Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (and later Anderson and Barry Windham, as Flair was involved in the "Black Scorpion" angle) before losing the titles to Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin in February 1991.

The promotion became WCW and Reed turned on Simmons, which started a feud. Simmons won the feud when he defeated Reed in a cage match at Super Brawl on May 19, 1991.

Reed then teamed with Cactus Jack and The Barbarian.

He left WCW in 1992 and wrestled in the United States Wrestling Association where he feuded with Junkyard Dog again before moving on to the Global Wrestling Federation in 1994. His stay there was brief and he was soon back on the independent scene in a semi-retirement stage so he could participate in the rodeo circuit in Kansas City.

Reed retired in 2002 after wrestling for Harley Race's WLW promotion and winning the title there.

Butch Reed once again returned to the ring in 2005 for Mid States Wrestling, and in July, 2006 for the USWF promotion, in Somerset, Kentucky.


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